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Marriage ceremony between Swedish members


Marriage ceremony  between Mr. Idris (Batch: 32, Automobile, Sr. Tr. Officer  of Mcdonald Group) and

 Ms. Reshma (Batch : 34, Automobile , Service Engineer  of Uttara Motors) was held  on 14-12-2014 at a

Community center  in Dhaka .








“On behalf of BSPI Alumni Association we Pray and Hope

their Happy Couple life forever “

                                                                   ---  Obaidul Hoque, Opu(Web Editor)


From Left : Opu (Batch:16, Automobile), Idris (Batch:32, Automobile), Reshma (Batch:34, Automobile),

Dilip (Batch:16, Automobile)



Date : 15-07-2011


Re: About Tradition In Our Campus discipline and low grade of education

                        (This is our openion of common query about the above subject  from our members )



 Actually you can not blame the student 100% for this. I think, this is a continuous  bed effect of some factor like :


01. Overloaded campus:

The actual capacity of our institute is 80 student /year. So at a time (4 year) the total student in the campus should be 80X4= 320  as per infrastructural design by Swedish authority. But now the total student is about 1500 in the campus. So the campus becomes overloaded.  So fortunately the discipline has been broken . Not only that the quality of education become very low graded .

02. No Development of  Infrastructure &  Educational materials :  

Gov't increase (By force and for political benefit ) the seat capacity about 4 times of the  actual capacity. But did not increase the infrastructure 4 times accordingly. The same hostel capacity, same laboratory and classroom facility  is still now existing . So naturally there should be no discipline , no standard of education.

03. Teachers Problem ;

There is no increasing of teachers  as per increasing of seat capacity . But decreasing of teacher quantity as well as teachers quality. So far we know the present teachers quantity is   about 35% of actual requirement. After that the most of the teachers are under quality and not sincere to their profession .They often absent in the class and engaged with their personal benefit  .

So far we know ,there is no new recruitment of teachers for last 7 years . No recruitment of Automobile teachers for last 25 years. All Gov't are trying to get political benefit, not for the actual benefit of the nation.  (But trying to catching  foreign donation and take there personal benefit from that)

Now we all observed the helpless  situation of the student after passing out , due to their very less quality  against the present market demand. Situation forces most of the students to take low graded job, very low salary and many of them go to the  non track job.  

So the students are looser and  finally the  nation are looser.

Day by day the technical education is moving toward to destroy .

 So , how you expect the improvement of education and discipline ? when the technical education is standing in the last point  towards destroy.

 The Gov't  and  the “Directorate of Technical Education” are fully responsible for this irresponsible situation.

You can do one thing; that you have to protest from your position as per your capacity for our nation.



Kazi Obaidul Hoque Opu

Web Editor

Sweden Bangladesh Institute Alumni Association



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Subject:  About Tradition In Our Campus
 Date: Friday, July 15, 2011, 5:06 AM